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A: Hire DSC to clean your data and accurately report final data capture/inventory analysis.

Garbage In … Trash Out


DSC works with hospitals, medical centers, and surgical centers in measuring and managing their consumable inventory.

Improving Hospital / Medical Inventory Management

All C-Level and high-level hospital executives know the significance of effective hospital and pharmacy inventory management practices in the supply chain, yet many of the most experienced and focused managers struggle to get the job done. Perhaps it’s because of the...

Outdated Medical Products – Is Your Facility at Risk?

Keeping track of expiration dates on the tens of thousands of products in your facility is a daunting task. Using proper stocking and product rotation methods helps minimize the risk that an outdated item will make its way into a patient. However, it only takes one...

Banks Like Accurate Numbers

Are you looking for financing for a Capital Improvement Project? Need to improve your Balance Sheet? Clinical Supplies are often treated as expensed items and not as assets. These supplies can account for 17% to 40% of your operating budget. Why would you not want to...

Pyxis SupplyStation Security Vulnerabilities

The following is an article we thought users of the Pyxis SupplyStation System may find of interest.

Right Inventory, Right Place, Right Time…What Could Go Wrong?

Every supply chain manager faces the same challenges: Optimize stock levels, balancing safe levels, and overstock concerns.Have stock located conveniently where needed to minimize wasted motion of staff.Making sure there are no out of stock disruptions. These three...

National Survey – OR Cancellations

According to a recent national survey, “Nearly half (40 percent) of respondents revealed they've actually canceled a case, and more than two-thirds (69 percent) have delayed a case because of missing supplies. Furthermore, 27 percent have seen or heard of an expired...

Are Cycle Counts Your Only Source of Inventory Confirmation?

If you are performing cycle counts of your clinical products inventory, congratulations are in order. Cycle counting is the most effective maintenance tool for inventory balance and adherence to Par Level goals.  A proper cycle count Program, if fully implemented and...

Are You Maximizing Your Inventory Data Potential?

Do you view your Physical Inventory requirements as a burden to be performed?   Is your PI simply an accounting requirement with little benefit to daily operations?    Is your PI just an annoyance that takes your staff away from their primary task devoted to patient...

Achieving Inventory Consistency in a Hospital Group

During this climate of Mergers and Acquisitions in Healthcare, major decisions are being made based on data that is inconsistently collected, verified and reported.  Materials Management accounts for up to 50% (or more) of your operating expense, but consistent...

Bumps in the Road

  Clean Clinical Data is like a Picture, Road Map, and a Guide with Warnings! Yes, clean fresh data offers a visual of what is going on in your inventory. Where is it really, and is it positioned to peak performance/efficiency? Is it in an equipment room?...

Are You Flying Under the Radar and Hiding the Real Cost?

The information below outlines the need to evaluate the difference between taking an inventory using your internal staff and using a professionally trained Data Capture, Analysis, and Inventory Company. Over the years many retail, manufacturing, warehousing,...

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Why Choose DSC?

When it comes to hospital clinical data capture services, choose a provider that can deliver.

  • Fast turnaround of inventory data results
  • Access to resulting spreadsheets for thorough analysis
  • Data comparative analysis of consigned to owned products
  • Perpetual validation
  • Cycle counts to maintain integrity of your fresh data.
  • Professional, courteous staff that is knowledgeable in clinical data.
  • Follow-up and support

Avoid the pain of performing your own Data Capture & Inventories.

DSC has helped many hospitals and medical facilities with their inventory needs and can help you as well. Click here to see what our customers say about us.

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