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DSC has been working exclusively in Healthcare Inventory Management since 2005, but our roots in the inventory world goes back many decades. Founder and CEO Jim Jones started in the inventory business when outsourcing the physical counts was relatively uncommon. 95% of the businesses conducted their counts in-house and only 5% outsourced. Today those numbers have reversed in all areas except healthcare. Jim felt the time was right to apply the lessons learned in retail and manufacturing inventory processes to healthcare in order to assist in making supply chain efficiencies work in a medical world. Jim surrounded himself with inventory professionals from all spectrums in order to bring as many solutions to our clients as possible and make DSC second to none in the field of medical inventory management.

The transition from retail to healthcare was not easy. Many aspects of the medical supply chain do not have a correlation in the rest of the business world. Extensive research and an open mind are needed to formulate solutions that work for you. DSC has been a leader in providing quality data so that you can make the right decisions for your organization.

Our goal is to help you make your facility the best it can be, but first, we need to listen to you! Every problem is an opportunity to improve, every challenge a chance to grow. That is why every opportunity starts with a thorough assessment of your needs. In that way we make sure that all your targets are addressed so we can tailor a solution to your exact needs.

Over the years, this approach to problem solving has led to opportunities for additional services. As a professional data capture and consulting company, DSC has helped many healthcare organizations to transition away from standard year-end inventories. DSC can assist you in evaluating and identifying proper inventory levels, deficiencies, leakage, risk factors, and best practices.

DSC also provides additional services “See Our Medical Inventory Services” that can help your facility save money, reduce financial and safety risks, and allow you to concentrate on your core priority of providing the best patient care possible.

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Jim Jones
CEO – DataSolutionsCorp

Jim Jones, DSC Founder

Jim Jones - Founder of DSC - Medical Inventory

His vision to expand into the medical inventory management industry, specifically in the clinical areas of hospitals, has really been rewarding and has provided the healthcare industry with a reliable solution to their medical and pharmacy inventory management needs.

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Ricky Jemiola
Vice President


Cell (434) 282-3274

Jim Jones

Jim Jones
DSC Founder

Harry Orkin
Vice President of Operations

In 1987, Harry Orkin started his career in the inventory business with AICS. He was promoted to assistant manager in the first year, area manager in 1988 and to VP of operations in 1992. He was awarded Outstanding Employee of the Year. During his career at AICS, Harry opened several offices and was assigned as trouble-shooter to offices needing leadership and training. Harry is known for his ability to start-up areas and solve problems in operating areas. Harry currently benefits DataSolutionsCorp (DSC) as VP of Operations to the field operations and support to the IT department due to his vast knowledge of medical data. He is detail-oriented and able to fulfill any responsibility, as needed. Harry is a great trainer, and over his career in the inventory industry, has been a major asset to the industries which our team has provided services to. From Grocery, Industrial, Warehouses/ Distribution and now Healthcare. For 17 years Harry has been a real asset to our medical inventory management team. He trained and managed QC, OSP and has played a huge role in review of processing documents and incoming data. He knows clinical data and is still a project logistics lead and trainer for on-site Par Optimization and OR re-alignment programs offered by our partners. With his experience on deck at hospitals, he knows your data!

(434) 221-1044

Elizabeth Blue
Director of IT

Elizabeth leads DSC’s IT Team. Her vast experience in database management, team management, and her technical writing skills complement our entire process for growth and service. In the past, Elizabeth has worked on many legacy systems in various industries and was very successful at bringing the latest technology to the forefront. Throughout her career with Data Solutions Corp, she has played an important role in developing new analytics to aid our customers in identifying risk factors and leakage, consignment to owned implants, and implementing “Measure, Monitor & Adjust” strategies. Additionally, she has enabled DSC’s teams to work more efficiently and with impeccable accuracy. Elizabeth attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and recently graduated with Latin honors from Old Dominion University with a B.S. in psychology. And, she knows your clinical data, inside and out. Elizabeth and her team have developed final reports which offer our customers incredibly deep process reporting. Additionally, the team has developed a data enrichment program, and high-level comparative analysis offerings which can be easily presented to the C-Suite leaders.

(757) 705-8411

Bob Pelletier
Director of Laboratory & Pharmacy Inventory

Bob Pelletier brings over 30 years of Pharmacy inventory experience in Retail, Clinical, and Long-Term Health environments. He has performed special project implementations for Cardinal Health, Amerisource-Bergen, McKesson Drug, HD-Smith, as well as many of the secondary suppliers. He also has an extensive background in designing custom software and hardware solutions for the inventory industry, managing databases and implementing the latest in scanning technology. In addition to overseeing the clinical In-Patient and Out-Patient hospital pharmacy inventories, Bob has developed inventory procedures and methods within the Hospital Laboratory Environments. These include Biology, Chemistry, Hematology, Histology, Microbiology and Research Labs. Bob knows pharmacy data as well as clinical data processes. Now, due to Bob and his team becoming proficient in Laboratories, DSC now confidently offers a solution to Laboratories.

(434) 326-7275

Matt Seeley
Director of Operations

Matt graduated from La Trobe University in Australia in 2008 Bachelor of Business, majoring in economics and H.R. He began working in the finance department at Bendigo Health in 2009, a large public hospital in regional Australia, where he was directly involved in managing the physical assets of the hospital and improving the billing process for various departments. Matt moved to the U.S. in 2014 to be with his wife. He began working for DSC in 2016 as an auditor and helping on special projects, working towards learning the project manager role. Matt’s role as project manage requires him to be across all aspects of the inventory process. This includes planning and supervising the count from start to finish, ensuring an accurate and timely count, and keeping hospital staff updated on how the inventory is progressing. Because hospitals have a unique environment, it is up to Matt to make sure that the inventory process remains as invisible as possible to the patients, family, and hospital staff while on site.

(434) 326- 7609

Todd Fowler
Project Manager

Todd began his career in 1987 while completing his graduate studies working part time as an inventory auditor with Jim Jones at AICS in Virginia Beach. After graduating from Old Dominion University in 1988 with a MA in International Relations, Todd was promoted to Area Manger and then District Manager of the Virginia Beach office at AICS, the largest office in the company. When AICS was acquired by RGIS in 1996, Todd worked as Area Manager in the Virginia Beach office of RGIS for the next 13 years servicing such major national clients as Sears, JCPenney, K-Mart, and Target. When Jim Jones started Data Solutions, Todd rejoined Jim as he explored the relatively new sector of medical inventory management in the hospital field. As Senior Project Manager, Todd is responsible for all aspects of the inventory process while on site from the beginning of the count until the end. These duties include pre-inventory planning, supervision of the crew while on site, ensuring accurate data integrity, quality control of the inventory count, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Since the hospital environment is a unique one, it is Todd’s job to make sure the inventory process remains as invisible as possible to the patients, family, and hospital staff while on site.

(757) 752-4403

William Bell
Data Analyst

Upon graduation from high school, William enlisted in the US Navy, serving as an Electronics Technician. During this time, he worked to maintain various computer and communications systems. After his time in the Navy he attended ECPI university, graduating with Latin Honors with a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Science. At the start of his career with DSC he worked with other members of the IT department to create and generate the many varied reports used by DSC and its clients. Since then his role has expanded to assisting Elizabeth Blue, Director of IT, with multiple projects to both improve internal processes as well as expanding and refining the capabilities of DSC’s software and analytics.

(585) 576-3835

Jeremy Middleton
Special Projects Manager

Jeremy has been with DSC since 2014, after a successful career in the restaurant business where he co-owned and managed a restaurant on the Eastern Shore. Since starting at DSC, Jeremy has risen the ranks to special projects management, while continuing to assist with on-going hospital inventories. He is experienced in all areas of the hospital environment to include clinical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, equipment asset and warehouses projects. Using the first-hand knowledge gained from being in every corner of a hospital and in every part of its supply chain, Jeremy has been both key in our special projects and vital in redeveloping our Auditor Training Program. Jeremy’s experience in special projects is considerable. He is a key figure in DSC’s Consignment Program, which is a program that examines and audits a hospital’s or hospital system’s standing consignment medical inventory. Jeremy’s work for two major midwestern hospital systems in 2016 and 2017 resulted in substantial inventory value gain for both systems. In 2017, Jeremy spent considerable time mapping and labeling to align to the Lawson system for stocking and picking in a major Mid-Atlantic hospital system. He reworked certain storage areas and shelving systems while on the project. In 2018, Jeremy assisted with the installation of weighted bin shelving system in a major Northeastern Hospital.

(757) 387-7051

Ray Bragg
Retired VP – Retired, but always here for DSC

Our field operations would not be what it is today if not for Ray Bragg. Ray started his career in the inventory business in 1970 at Walden Inventory Services. In 1973 he began with Accurate Inventory Services of Virginia and later became president. From 1996 to 2002 Ray was sales manager for Service Corporation International where he excelled and piloted several mentoring and training programs. From 2002 to present he has been Director Special Projects and Development and Training with DataSolutionsCorp as well as our Corporate VP. During Ray’s tenure in the inventory business he has been very successful at opening new offices, training and development and finding new and better ways to meet customer requirements. He has successfully managed every aspect of the business. Ray’s expertise, organizational skills and ability to deal with the unique environment of the hospital setting is the standard we train all our project managers to. Ray is very knowledgeable in our industry and he knows your medical inventory data.

(540) 447-6960

Frances Knott, MBA
Accounting Manager/HR Director

Frances brings 30+ years’ experience in Office Management, Accounting and HR Administration and 22 years’ experience in the inventory business. She graduated from AIU Magna Cum Laude in 2009 with her BBA in Accounting/Finance and Human Resource Management. In 2016 she graduated from Liberty University with her MBA in Healthcare Management. Her inventory career started in 1995 with RGIS until 2001 as a District Secretary where she worked under Harry Orkin and learned about the inventory business from scheduling to counting inventory. She left to become Admissions Rep/Counselor for National Business College where she earned awards for exceeding target goals for new student admission/graduation rate. Harry called her in 2003 and asked her to interview with Mr. Jones for the position of Executive Administrative Assistant. She was hired and has worked for Mr. Jones, the CEO/founder of DSC, since. As an employee of DSC, she has been given the opportunity to advance professionally and personally. We count on Frances for everything from her present duties to helping in other areas, and she is trained in hospital PIs.

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