About Us

DSC management has transitioned through many industries over the years. We have learned from our customers what should and should not be done. Safe and ethical practices are the most important of all. We’ve seen manufacturing, warehousing, distributors, and other industries change their perception of data capture. 95% of the retail industry once performed their own internal counts, and less than 5% utilized external professional services. Today, it is reversed. Only a few retailers take on the task. Why? Inventory accountability has become much more complex than “bean counting.” Technology has changed, and continues to change, as inventory is now used for more than just year-end numbers to report to the IRS. It takes accurate data to correctly measure, monitor, and adjust. Good data offers many “key indicators” to evaluate and properly manage and maintain supply chain.

As a professional data capture and consulting company, DSC has helped many companies in the retail and manufacturing sector transition away from standard year-end inventories. DSC greatly assists in evaluating,and identifying proper inventory levels, deficiencies, leakage, risk factors, and best practices. Now,  our only focus is on Hospitals and Clinics that need to know each day, what they have on hand is the Right Stuff, Enough of It and Not Too Much.

DSC can help you to manage your inventory budget. We can help with a thorough Wall to Wall for your year-end count. And, move forward with an interim inventory or cycle counts by DSC to avoid a year-end surprise at your next physical count. Why not perform an interim count now and avoid your next year-end surprise? We can even talk about how you can eventually avoid another Wall to Wall again. The healthcare industry CAN catch up to the other industries we have serviced. With DSC, you will always know where you are if you follow the steps we suggest.