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National Survey – OR Cancellations

National Survey – OR Cancellations

According to a recent national survey, “Nearly half (40 percent) of respondents revealed they've actually canceled a case, and more than two-thirds (69 percent) have delayed a case because of missing supplies. Furthermore, 27 percent have seen or heard of an expired...

Are Cycle Counts Your Only Source of Inventory Confirmation?

If you are performing cycle counts of your clinical products inventory, congratulations are in order. Cycle counting is the most effective maintenance tool for inventory balance and adherence to Par Level goals.  A proper cycle count Program, if fully implemented and...

Are You Maximizing Your Inventory Data Potential?

Do you view your Physical Inventory requirements as a burden to be performed?   Is your PI simply an accounting requirement with little benefit to daily operations?    Is your PI just an annoyance that takes your staff away from their primary task devoted to patient...

Achieving Inventory Consistency in a Hospital Group

During this climate of Mergers and Acquisitions in Healthcare, major decisions are being made based on data that is inconsistently collected, verified and reported.  Materials Management accounts for up to 50% (or more) of your operating expense, but consistent...

Bumps in the Road

  Clean Clinical Data is like a Picture, Road Map, and a Guide with Warnings! Yes, clean fresh data offers a visual of what is going on in your inventory. Where is it really, and is it positioned to peak performance/efficiency? Is it in an equipment room?...

Are You Flying Under the Radar and Hiding the Real Cost?

Are You Flying Under the Radar and Hiding the Real Cost?

The information below outlines the need to evaluate the difference between taking an inventory using your internal staff and using a professionally trained Data Capture, Analysis, and Inventory Company. Over the years many retail, manufacturing, warehousing,...

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