Clean Clinical Data is like a Picture, Road Map, and a Guide with Warnings!

Yes, clean fresh data offers a visual of what is going on in your inventory.

  • Where is it really, and is it positioned to peak performance/efficiency?
  • Is it in an equipment room? Constantly becoming dated before use?
  • Are your vascular racks near orthopedics suites and vice versa?
  • How many times have you had to hold a case for needed supplies, when they were not where you thought they should be?
  • How many staph infections have occurred due to “out of date” items, as simple as a Catheter that was tossed aside and never returned to its home section? And, later used when found and convenient.

Use your data to improve efficiency, reduce risk factors, and improve patient care. Constantly look for the warnings in your data and potentially reduce insurance costs!

BEEP-BEEP, be ahead of the curve and not have to hear _ _ _ _ _ _ _ bleep.