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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I receive the Analysis Report and find pricing updates, do I need to make those adjustments?

DSC works with all of our customers in updating pricing and Not On File (NOF) information. We would be pleased to apply pricing, Unit of Measure (UOM), and NOF information. When this information is applied, DSC will deliver an updated Analysis Report.

Will I be able to view my inventory in each department?

Yes. The In-Depth Analysis report allows you to view your inventory in various ways.

  • All items within each department and cost center
  • All items within each storage area and procedure room
  • All items that are found in each section (i.e. Suture Tree)
  • All items that are found in multiple locations
  • All items by manufacturer

How long does a typical inventory count take to complete?

For a medium-sized hospital, this typically takes 1-2 days. We do, however, staff to suit your needs.

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