Our Services

Physical Data Capture and Inventory

A physical inventory is conducted of clinical supplies based on the agreed & targeted scope. Each item is captured and validated at point of entry with DSC’s software which is integrated with the customer’s *Item Master file. Deliverables submitted within 72 hours of inventory completion. Perpetual areas can be included in the physical inventory count or can be completed individually.  When completed individually the deliverables are submitted the same day in most cases.

Benefits: Enhance your customer’s baseline while improving their bottom line! Help alleviate hospital overtime, reduce cost and risk, and improve patient care ratings. Realize an ROI in a short time frame. No fiscal year end surprises if you do bi-annual inventories *Process will even scrub and cleanse customer Item Master File. Rebuild your item master with fresh data to be used all through the year.

Add-on Services: Comparative Analysis, Consignment Program, Pharmacy (inpatient and outpatient), Standardization

Perpetual Data Capture

A Data Capture is conducted of only perpetual supplies.  The customer’s management systems are frozen for the duration of the data capture event, the data capture and item inventory is conducted, then the customer is able to update their system with updated data.

Benefits: Perpetual counts are returned to the customer the same day in most cases*.   An accurate inventory is completed, new counts are made available, and deliverables are submitted all within a short timeframe. (*Does require specific data requirements.)

Add-on Services: Cycle Counts, Comparative Analysis

Cycle Count Program

Cycle Counts may be performed on any number of product types; consignment, perpetual, implants. This program allows DSC to closely measure, monitor and adjust. This program can occur monthly, quarterly, or as a pass/fail audit, rather the customer performing internal or external processes.  This can occur in par locations as well as perpetual areas.  The deliverable is a Report Card, customizable to the client.

Benefits:  Consistent maintenance makes less room for error or year-end surprises and allows a quicker recognition of an ROI for the client when implementing  Supply Chain Solution Based Products. In the end, this allows for your implemented Supply Chain Solutions to show an accurate value using current and not old data. No more hearing “it did not work” when the customer did not manage the solution properly. The sooner the customer realizes the ROI the more they will be inclined to support and manage it, internally or through our resources.

Add-on Services: Perpetual Inventories, Physical Inventory, Consignment Inventory

Pharmacy Inventory Services

DataSolutionsCorp (DSC) is experienced in Pharmacy Hospital Inventory Services. Bob Pelletier, former owner of Northeast Inventory Specialists, is our Director of Pharmacy and Laboratory Inventories. Bob brings over 30 years of pharmacy inventory experience in retail, clinical and long term health environments.  He has performed special project implementations for Cardinal HealthAmerisource-BergenMcKesson DrugHD-Smith, as well as many of the secondary suppliers. He has developed extensive data reference files, and uses them to produce clear, concise and easy to read inventory reports.

Laboratory Data Capture & Inventory

A physical inventory is conducted capturing items by proper UOM.  Items are validated and captured at point of entry with DSC’s software & compared to the customer’s Item Master file. Deliverables submitted within 72 hours of inventory completion.

Benefits: Consistent reporting formats & a capture of items with the proper unit of measure, including the inconsistencies in reagents.

Add-on Services: Comparative Analysis, Physical Inventory, Standardization, and resource support for optimization programs.

Comparative Analysis

This additional service is a report that can be offered to customers who wish to have a detailed breakdown of their clinical supplies.  Side-by-side comparisons are performed on a tiered level: department (OR), Area (Storage Rm1), section (Suture tree)

Benefits: Provides the tools necessary to compare data from year to year and/or between cycles. Identifies variances, product migration, UOM inconsistencies, and possible consigned to owned differences.

Consignment Program

Meetings are held with consignment representatives, updated contracts are gathered and a physical inventory is conducted.  Utilizing the contract data, a pickup in owned value is typically found from what was previously believed to be on consignment but is actually owned.

Benefits: DSC works directly with the vendors and internal staff to locate and review consignment agreements, developing an accurate and complete file of agreements.  The facility will have all items identified and labeled as to what is owned, consigned, or vendor owned. Additionally DSC will continue to manage and give regular report cards to show and correct irregularities.

Add-on Services: Measure-Monitor-Adjust™ through interim Physical Inventory, Cycle Count Program for implants, consigned and owned. Support training to department heads.

Surgical Tray Audits

Although, Surgical trays are normally included in a Standard Physical Inventory.  This may be offered as a Stand-Alone Service. DSC works with SPD/CS staff to gather surgical tray listings which are either imported or physically keyed into the inventory.  DSC audits a sample of the surgical trays to validate the components against the listings provided. DSC also offers this cleanup of consigned and owned implants during our consignment program offering.

Benefits:  Hospitals do not realize the inventory value of surgical trays.  This is an additional method of recovering large amounts of owned dollars.

Add-on Services:  Physical Inventory, Consignment Inventory, Standardization

Pre-Inventory Training

DSC has trained department heads of hospitals who are not operating consistently with what their corporate office expected. DSC wrote Corporate Inventory Requirements (CIR) and trained each hospital to be consistent. Mercy Health is glad we did!

Special Projects

DSC is able to provide on-site resources for support for special needs.  DSC has qualified inventory specialists, auditors, consultants and project managers that can be utilized for short- and long-term projects.  These projects may include, but are not limited to, Par Optimizations, Inventory Optimizations, OR Reorganization, Consignment Inventory Management, OR Par Optimization and Logistics.

Benefits: Allows Materials Management to augment their staff with DSC qualified resources for special projects at an hourly or daily rate.


Based on observation during an inventory and/or assessment, DSC can help identify which items are counted or not counted at specific locations.  This can help identify inconsistencies in the inventory process within a healthcare system.

Benefits: Implements a structure to count the same items while utilizing the same count processes throughout the whole healthcare system creating continuity and consistency.

Add-on Services: Comparative Analysis, Consignment Inventory, Pharmacy Inventory, Physical Inventory.