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DSC is partnered with some of the best service providers in the medical supply chain industry. We are committed to providing the best medical inventory service to our customers.

Ron Denton & Associates (RDA)

We are very happy to announce that a strategic alliance partnership has been forged between DSC and Ron Denton & Associates (RDA)

RDA offers a broad range of supply chain consulting and resource management services which provide tangible and sustainable value to its clients through improvements in operational efficiencies and reductions in unnecessary cost. RDA promotes supply chain strategies that balance labor and non-labor investments, and that convert supply chain operations from a transactional to a transformative model. Supply costs, labor and overhead related to supply chain management can account for as much as one-third of a hospital’s operating budget, and therefore, present opportunities for significant savings through the elimination of redundancies in the supply chain, operational improvements, and increased efficiency in the related logistics and materials functions. RDA leverages its Enhanced Value Analysis Program and proprietary technology and product research solutions to deliver significant and measurable results in cost reduction and sustainable cost containment efforts.

DSC looks forward to evaluating your needs to see how DSC & RDA can assist you and your team. Contact us today at [email protected]


Owens & Minor

Owens & Minor chose DSC as their provider of physical inventory and data capture. They determined it was optimal to utilize an outside company whose sole mission was to develop special core competencies around Physical Inventory and to continually find better ways of providing “baseline” type data through technology, methodology, and personnel. Armed with this “best in industry” data, Owens & Minor offers supply chain solutions which will allow their customers to better manage the daily inventory challenges, save money, and reduce risks due to poor inventory management.

Hospitals and medical facilities can expect:

  • Quick and accurate physical inventory services
  • Latest pricing information
  • Inventory management solutions
  • Full-service supply chain management
  • Solution based services
  • Contact us today to find out more about the advantages of this special relationship.


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Inventory management, no matter what your business, is imperative to success. For hospitals, medical inventory management in the clinical care areas is an elusive and serious concern. Hospitals and Surgical Centers are now, more than ever, trying to get a handle on cost of inventory in all areas including ORs, Cath Labs, PACU, ASU, Anesthesia, IR Labs, Labor & Delivery, SPD, Pharmacies and all other clinical supply areas.

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